Fattoria Lucciano has been an organic farm since 1989. It’s surrounded by woods and streams whilst a XIII century Castle stands guard at its entrance. We are a working farm, constantly engaging in agricultural practices that enable us to obtain produce with high-level nutritional and organoleptic value, in absolute harmony with the environment and its biodiversity.
Although we are predominantly an animal farm we also have three orchards, namely a hazelnut grove, an olive grove and a vineyard. Beef, cheese, yogurt, extra-virgin olive oil, hazelnuts and wine are the products that we obtain from our 120 hectares of farmland.
A 55-kw photovoltaic system provides all the energy needed for our farming work, our forthcoming agritourism operations and our educational activities.
The goal of Paola and Ovidio and of their children Mario and Daniele to raise awareness about the reality of farming and at the same time offer quality and environmentally friendly products is increasingly being realised.
Our new Cellar will soon house the wine from our 2013 harvest. In the meantime the construction of our Agriturismo will continue together with the creation of presentation spaces for our teaching Farm. The latter jointly with the visiting itineraries we are developing, will in a few months allow guests and visitors to explore our various natural and archaeological sites, as well as take part in a number of farming activities such as grape harvesting and olive picking.


Historical Background
Historical Background
Fattoria Lucciano is located in an area that has been inhabited since time immemorial. The local inhabitants were known as Faliscans. The area was a transit point for all sorts of people, some heading south in the direction of the Latins or future Rome, some heading for Etruscan territory, and others wanting to cross the Tiber in the direction of the mountain range separating the Sabine and the Umbrian peoples.