The farm

Cattle farm- Organic zootechnics- Selling of organic meat Roma Viterbo Lazio Umbria
Cattle Farm

The Lucciano Farm cattle is raised according to organic farming criteria. Our herd consists of about 140 animals of the Italian Brown breed. Our cows live in a suitable environment where they’re allowed to express their natural behaviour and therefore are rarely ill. They provide the milk for premium cheese and meat in terms of both nutritional values and flavour.
The dairy-organic agricultural products-selling cheese and mozzarelle-biologico-roma viterbo lazio umbria terni
The dairy
Soon after collection in the milking shed, the fresh milk is conveyed straight from the cow’s udders to the refrigerator , and from there, through a short duct, to the nearby dairy avoiding the stress normally associated with transportation and any contact with the outside world. This is where the cheese-making journey begins.
Olive grove and oil press- organic farm
Olive grove and oil press
The olive tree has given rise to countless myths – its branches, its trunk’s tortuous shape, the healing properties of its shoots and leaves, the fine furniture and intricate inlays made with its timber.
organic hazelnuts, producing and selling biological  food roma viterbo lazio umbria terni

The very beginning of spring is flowering time for hazelnut trees, whose charming little blossoms are so important for bees. Indeed they provide those tireless insects with precious nourishment at a time of the year when there is scarcity all around. This is also a delightful display for ‘unhurried’ people who will be able to admire the purplish red appearance of the tiny female flowers.
Crops- biological agriculture, roma viterbo lazio umbria terni
For good animal husbandry practices, the land surrounding the stables is used for pastures, to which the animals have direct access.
Our pastures cover an area of about 30 hectares, which are divided into 5 sections of about 6 hectares each.