Cattle Farm

The Lucciano Farm cattle is raised according to organic farming criteria. Our herd consists of about 140 animals of the Italian Brown breed.

Our cows live in a suitable environment where they’re allowed to express their natural behaviour and therefore are rarely ill. They provide the milk for premium cheese and meat in terms of both nutritional values and flavour.

Listed below are some of the reasons our herd is so healthy

Our animals:

1. Both indoors and outdoors, during the day or at night, are free to move about, eat, drink and sleep.

2. Throughout all of their life, eat almost exclusively our own products.

3. Always go out grazing even during those times of the year when grass is rather scarce because we believe that moving around is for them vital functional exercise. It’s no coincidence that the cows on the Lucciano Farm always calf unassisted – it’s the exercise that makes them fit to deliver.

On the Lucciano Farm
a cow can be productive even at 15 years of age,
because our animals are protected from any kind of stress,
which is vital to their wellbeing and ours.