The Sarapollo Park

The idea of the park was first conceived in 1994. It wasn’t merely a response to the requirements of organic farming, which could be fulfilled by the woods almost encircling the entire farm, but more within the framework of European and Italian legislation of recent years where an innovative farming sector puts greater emphasis on the famer’s social role.

The farmer is acknowledged as a player safeguarding the health of people and the environment, whilst protecting the landscape and cultural heritage.

The park can largely be subdivided into a number of areas which tend to overlap – the Rocca, the grassland, the quarry, the woods and the bushes.

At the peak of summer, the park becomes a stage for the verbascum, a herbaceous plant over two metres tall. It seems to spring directly from the tufa with its sun-filled yellow flowers used by some to prepare a honey-tasting tea to treat chest colds.

Soon, specimens of endangered species of local domestic animals will be released into some parts of the park. They will live freely and fend for themselves. Their number will depend on the resources available in the designated area.

These animals will reproduce and the ones considered in excess will be transferred to similar facilities in order to encourage their conservation.

Sarapollo Park: a small repository of biological and cultural diversity
that Fattoria Lucciano intends to protect