Producing and Selling cheese and mozzarelle bio, Roma Lazio Umbria
Fattoria Lucciano makes organic cheeses, fresh or mature. We sell mozzarella, scamorza cheese and other organic cheeses. We provide home delivery in Rome and throughout the Lazio region
The fresh or mature cheeses of the Lucciano Farm are born of the passion of a farming family.
A number of factors are behind the making of a cheese with a high nutritional and organoleptic value – the skill of the cheese maker, adequate equipment, the maturing process, the compliance with health and hygiene standards… But only if the raw material, milk, is premium quality you will obtain cheese of a superior quality.

producing and selling extra virgin olive oil, Roma Viterbo Lazio Umbria Terni
Extra-virgin olive oil
The Fattoria Lucciano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of farming practices respectful of social and environmental realities.
The organic oil our visitors will taste in an olive-scented atmosphere, is extracted at the peak of autumn from the five cultivars grown on the Lucciano Farm (Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Maurino), through a meticulous and gentle pressing process.
Breeding and Sale of Organic Meat Roma Viterbo Lazio Umbria
The meat from young animals of the Brown breed born and raised on the Lucciano Farm combines safety and nutritional values with an excellent flavour suitable for many a recipe.
The provenance of the meat is fully documented throughout the life of the animal – from its birth on the farm, and its daily routine including its diet, to the moment it gets to the table in a variety of dishes.
producing and door-to-door selling of  organic thick yogurt Roma
Thick Yogurt

Organic thick-set yogurt (thick yogurt) is a type of yogurt that is poured directly into tubs right after the inoculation of starter cultures. As a result fermentation occurs in the final container (tub or jar), without further intervention apart from cooling once the desired degree of acidity has been reached.
cultivationand selling of bio hazelnuts-fattoria lucciano bio
The woody shell containing and protecting the nut is always hazel in colour, its tones varying in intensity. The shell develops within a crown of little leaves, which initially are green and sturdy, and hold the nut firmly. Through a process of chromatic symbiosis, the leafy crown assumes the same colour as the shell, and eventually dries up – the time has come for the nut to detach itself from the branch and embark on its adventurous journey. The nut in fact can either give birth to another tree, or head for our table to delight children and grown-ups alike.