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Fattoria Lucciano makes organic cheeses, fresh or mature. We sell mozzarella, scamorza cheese and other organic cheeses. We provide home delivery in Rome and throughout the Lazio region
The fresh or mature cheeses of the Lucciano Farm are born of the passion of a farming family.
A number of factors are behind the making of a cheese with a high nutritional and organoleptic value – the skill of the cheese maker, adequate equipment, the maturing process, the compliance with health and hygiene standards… But only if the raw material, milk, is premium quality you will obtain cheese of a superior quality.

On the other hand, the quality of the milk depends on the cows, their breed, diet and circumstances under which milking is carried out, …., in a nutshell, the health and wellbeing of the animals.
Healthy cows, used to moving and grazing in an unstressed manner, provide milk that will produce sublime cheese.
The cheeses made by the Lucciano dairy are nearly all stretched-curd cheeses - mozzarella, caciotta, scamorza, provolone and caciocavallo; the only cheese that isn’t stretched-curd is a fresh first salt
cheese (Primosale) known as casolino.
Where maturing/ageing is required this occurs in a natural cave (grotto) and in a cool room. The temperature and humidity in both environments are adjusted to the requirements of the type of cheese.
As we all know, cheese is part of the dairy food group.
Cheeses differ a lot one from the other, and are classified according to a number of criteria – on the basis of milk, maturation, consistency, the cooking of the curd, fat content…
The content of nutrients in the various cheeses also varies considerably as appears from the relevant classifications. Therefore cheese should be consumed in an appropriate and informed manner, adapting the quantity and fashion according to the type of cheese.
That way the range of aromas and flavours of cheese can be savoured fully and without any undue concern!
More so if the cheese is correctly stored at home, especially when it’s kept in the refrigerator.
Enjoying cheese also means knowing how to serve it – cutting it in the right way, using suitable knives never when the cheese is still cold.
Minor details that nourish the spirit!
Consuming cheese in a slow manner helps us acquire a better knowledge of the product, and consider aspects that are at times described as negative but that instead are nothing but natural characteristics of cheese.
Mozzarella is a case in point. The colour of this cheese varies with the season simply because the diet of the cows changes. In spring/summer mozzarella tends to be yellower due to abundance of green pastures so rich in betacarotene; whereas in winter, mozzarella will be whiter as the cows’ diet tends to be dry consisting predominantly of hay.
That also explains the variety of flavours – from fresh and moist mozzarella to aged caciocavallo!
All our cheeses can be appreciated during small or large meals. However, enjoying a little cheese alone or accompanied by nice bread and possibly a glass of good wine is an experience that makes the enjoyment of cheese even more rewarding.

Fattoria Lucciano is located in Civita Castellana (Viterbo), in upper Lazio, near the border with Umbria. We provide home delivery in Rome and surroundings, and can courier to other areas throughout Italy.
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