The woody shell containing and protecting the nut is always hazel in colour, its tones varying in intensity. The shell develops within a crown of little leaves, which initially are green and sturdy, and hold the nut firmly. Through a process of chromatic symbiosis, the leafy crown assumes the same colour as the shell, and eventually dries up – the time has come for the nut to detach itself from the branch and embark on its adventurous journey. The nut in fact can either give birth to another tree, or head for our table to delight children and grown-ups alike.

The nuts can be eaten fresh or dried, roasted, whole or granulated, or as a spread … flavoursome and multiforme!
Even though the Lucciano Farm is near the Tiber and therefore on low-lying land, thanks to organic farming, manages to grow nuts with excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties.
The nuts grown on the farm are mainly of the Tonda Gentile Romana variety. They have a subspherical shape. Their flesh is pale and firm, and has a delicate flavour, typical of this variety.

Fattoria Lucciano is located in Civita Castellana (Viterbo), in upper Lazio, near the border with Umbria. We provide home delivery in Rome and surroundings, and can courier our organic products to other areas throughout Italy.
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